Rough Guides website – one year on

February 11, 2014

A few stats on Rough Guides’ digital presence since the relaunch of the site and our social networks a year ago:

  • Site visitors: up 400% to 1.1 million
  • Page views: 3.3 million (up 300%)
  • Twitter and Facebook friends: 93,000 (up from around 35,000). Referrals from both up 2,300%
  • Organic search traffic from Google up 407%
  • Mobile and tablet now constitute 35% of our visitors (number was negligible 18 months ago)
  • Bounce rate down; book sales up

The featured image shows our traffic for last January compared to Jan ’13. The massive spike in the first half of the month was due to the huge success of The Rough Guide To 2014 feature.


Rough Guides website – one year on